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StartupRadar provides Information and Tools for a 360º view of the business. Extremely useful for Business Mentors, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Managers, Investors and Teachers or Students. Excellent for use in Incubators, Accelerators, Open Innovation Programs and Universities.

About 360º Evaluation

Radar 360°

The diagnosis is made from some questions whose answers provide a 360º view of the business on a radar chart. This helps to improve the accuracy in assessing the potential of a Startup idea or business in its early stages, from concept to market entry.

The extremely simple but complete structure of this methodology was designed to systematically assess whether the business idea being considered is worth investing in time and resources, including financial investments.

The evaluation considers 12 dimensions that fall into four categories:
• MARKETING / SALES, with: Strategy / Business Plan, Marketing and Sales;
• PEOPLE, with: CEO, Team and Board of Directors;
• FINANCES / CONTROL, with: Cash (in cash), Financial potential and Operations;
• TECHNOLOGY / PRODUCT, with: Technology, Product and Manufacture (manufacture, delivery and after-sales support) which in the case of services, means to execute and give further assistance; and in the case of software, deploy, configure, maintain and provide technical support.

If the evaluator wishes, the result of the diagnosis can be shared for viewing with other registered evaluators. This is very useful in the relationship between entrepreneurs with mentors or investors; and students with teachers.

A functionality to compare the evolution of diagnoses over time, or to compare evaluations by more than one evaluator, is available, generating a radar graph of up to 4 diagnoses simultaneously. This can be seen via details of a Startup that has more than one diagnosis made.

Other Tools

In addition to the Diagnosis, the following are available in StartupRadar: a Business Model Generator that generates Lean Canvas or BMG Canvas from a few questions; and a tool for SWOT Analysis.

Our Knowledge Base provides selected and curated Business and Technology Information.

The implementation of other tools and features is planned for the coming months.

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StartupRadar Team